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Now Everyone Can be A Computer Coder! 人人都能成为电脑编程员!

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Computer Science and Coding Club 电脑科学与编程俱乐部

Objective 宗旨
Provide a multidisciplinary, skill-based and personalized computer science, computer coding, information technology, computer system technology, computer software technology, computer networking, computer security and business accounting professional education solutions to all loyalty ACIM Education customers.提供多元化,实践为主及个人化的电脑科学,电脑编程,资讯科技,电脑系统科技,电脑软件科技,电脑网络,电脑保安及商业会计专业教育解决方案给所有育新教育的忠诚客户。
Target Group 目标对象
Primary school standard 3 to 6 students, Secondary school Remove to Form 5 students, kids or Teens between ages 9 and 18 who are interested in computer science and coding skills.对电脑科学知识和编写电脑程序有浓厚兴趣的小学三年级至六年级学生,国立中学预备班至中五学生,9岁至18岁的青少年。
Member Eligibility 会员资格
Applicant should have personal computer Windows software basic operating knowledge, English/Mandarin communication skill, and must sit for Computer Science and Coding Club Entry Assessment.申请者必须拥有电脑Windows软件基础操作知识,中英文沟通能力以及出席电脑科学与编程俱乐部入会测试。
Member Types 会员种类
1. Kids Member : Ages between 9 to 121. 儿童会员 :年龄介于9岁至12岁
2. Teens Member : Ages between 13 to 182. 少年会员 :年龄介于13岁至18岁
Annual Fees 年费
1. Kids Member  : RM301. 儿童会员 :RM30
2. Teens Member : RM302. 少年会员 :RM30
Member Benefits 会员福利
Get 5% to 10% Discount for purchasing ACIM Computer products and services.购买育新电脑产品和服务可获得5%至10%折扣
Earn 5% to 10% ACIM Rewards Point (ARP) for every spending of Rm200 or more on Acim Monthly Learning Package. 购买育新学习配套超过RM200或以上,可获得5%至10%育新奖励分Acim Rewards Point。
FREE telephone consultation support for computer system inspection, installation, maintenance, repair and upgrade services.免费提供电话咨询有关个人电脑系统检查,安装,维修及提升服务。
FREE telephone consultation support service for computer science and information technology education further study, employment and professional development.免费提供电话咨询有关电脑科学教育升学,就业和专业发展服务。
FREE invitation to participate ACIM Education organized computer science talks, workshop and new course trial class.免费受邀出席育新举办的电脑科学讲座,工作坊及新课程试课活动。
Apply Method 申请方法

Please WhatsApp OR Wechat OR SMS message:

ACSCA<Space> Full Name <Space>Identity Card Number<Space> Mobile Number, and send to 012-3033 484.

We will contact you in two working days.


ACSCA<空格>英文姓名<空格>身份证号码<空格>手机号码发送到 012-3033484.