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Now Everyone Can be A Computer Coder! 人人都能成为电脑编程员!

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Computer Science Foundation 电脑科学基础课程

Programme Objective 课程宗旨

Computer Science Foundation is an experiential learning based computer science education solution custom designed for Malaysia primary and secondary school students.

It can cultivate learners to become a holistic and multidisciplinary Computer Science Specialist, Application Software Developer and Computer System Specialist, assess and recognize the learner's knowledge and skills in Robotics programming, Computer Program designing, Computer Game programming, Internet Web Page programming, Computer automation system programming and professional attitudes.



Programme Benefits 课程好处

Help parent to develop child's logical thinking, problem solving and digital creativity skills.


Help parent to explore child's Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, Computer Science and Coding talents.


Help your child to develop an interest in learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, Computer Science and coding technology.


Help your child quickly adapt to the National Secondary school's Computer Science Foundation (Asas Sain Komputer) subject teaching and learning environment and increase self-confidence in answering computer programming questions.

协助孩子快速适应国立中学电脑科学基础Asas Sains Komputer 科目教学环境以及提升孩子回答电脑编程题目的自信心。

Affordable Course Fees - Monthly course fees starting from RM80 onward.

可负担的学费- 每月课程学费从RM80起。
Programme Outline 课程大纲

F1 RoboMind Robotic Programming

Understand RoboMind Robotic programming tool features and functions, Robot basic instructions, Program Structure like Repeat, While Loop, IF-Else, Logical Expression, learn to use basic instructions write a computer program to control a simulated robot to perform a simple task. 

F1 RoboMind 机器人编程

认识RoboMind机器人编程工具的各项特征和功能,电子机器人基础控制指令和Repeat, While Loop, IF-Else, Logical Expression编程结构, 学习使用基础指令编写电脑程式控制电子机器人完成指定简单任务。

F2 Computer Program Design

Understand computer program design process life cycle, learn how to write a program Algorithm, program Pseudo code, and draw a program Flowchart diagram, apply the learned knowledge and skills to create a RoboMind program Pseudo code and Flowchart diagram. 

F2 电脑程序设计

了解电脑程序设计流程基础知识,学习和掌握电脑程式Algorithm, Pseudo Code 和 Flowchart设计知识与技能,学习如何设计Robomind 机器人程式Pseudo Code和Flowchart设计图

F3 Android Mobile Game Programming

Understand App Inventor Android mobile App programming tool features, setup WiFi and USB mobile app testing environment using mobile phone and computer, learn to use Designer tool to create mobile app user interface, and Blocks code editor to assemble mobile app program using command blocks.

F3 Android 手机游戏编程

了解App Inventor Android 手机应用编程工具的各项功能,使用个人电脑和手机设定WiFi或USB手机程式测试环境,学习使用Designer 工具设计游戏界面和Blocks的程式模件编写手机程序。

F4 Scratch Game Programming

Understand Scratch Game programming tool features, Script block functions like Motion, Looks, Sound, Pen, Data, events, Control, Sense, Operators, learn to use Script blocks to assemble a program to control a Sprite behavior and Background changes.

F4 Scratch 游戏编程

了解Scratch电脑游戏编程工具的特点和各项功能,Script block的Motion, Looks, Sound, Pen, Data, Events Control, Sense, Operators程式模件功能,学习使用程序模件编写游戏程序,控制Spirit 角色及Backgorund 背景的行动和改变。

F5 Ardiuno Automation System Programming

Understand Arduino micro-controller hardware and software system structure, learn to design and assemble an Arduino automation system and use Arduino tool to write a program to control LED light, Sensors, Button, Buzzer and motor.

F5 Ardiuno 自动化系统编程


Computer Coding Skills Progression Route 电脑编程技能路线图