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SQL Certified Computerised

Business Administration & Accounting Certificate



Programme Introduction 课程介绍

SQL Certified Computerised Business Administration & Accounting Certificate Programme is a 2-in-1 business administration and accounting vocational education solution specially joint-developed by SQL Accounting Software, a famous Malaysia Accounting software solution provider and ACIM Education for secondary school leavers and working adults.

The course main objective is to cultivate learners to become a computer & information technology literate business administer or accounting officer or small business owner, assess and recognize learner's office information technology application knowledge and practical skills, SQL Accounting software knowledge and practical skills, business organization structure and operations basic knowledge, English communication and job interview skills.

To award the professional certificate qualification, learners MUST COMPLETE Four (4) modular courses, PASS all the exams, and have got THREE(3) months industrial work experience within a six (6) months  period.


课程主要目的是栽培学员成为拥有精通应用电脑资讯科技的行政人员,会计人员或小型企业老板,考核和肯定学员的办公室资讯科技应用知识与操作能力,SQL Account 电脑会计软件应用知识与操作能力,商业机构结构和运作基础知识,英语沟通以及职场面试技能。


Programme Benefits 课程好处


No minimum SPM entry requirement, Form 5 school leavers are eligible for enrollment, Chinese coach and English Mandarin bilingual teaching & learning environment, using SQL Account, Windows 7 & MS Office 2010 application software, UK University of Cambridge OCR endorsed international IT, Cambridge University Press General English course material for adults and young adults and ACCA Professional accounting learning materials. 

不需最低SPM入学资格,中五毕业就可报读,中英双语与华裔导师教学环境,采用SQL Account, Windows 7,MS Office 2010电脑软件实践教学,英国剑桥大学OCR认可国际电脑资讯工艺,英国剑桥大学出版的青年与成人基础英语课程教材,以及英国ACCA特许会计师财务会计课程教材。

In four months' time, learners will undergo a full-time dual training system to learn the practical business organization structure and operations basic knowledge, Microsoft Office Word, Excel & Gmail application software knowledge and skills, SQL Account software installation and support skills, English communication skills, Resume Writing and Job interview skills, participate a 3 months internship programme at workplace, and earn a SQL certified Computerised Business Administration and Accounting  certificate qualification.

学生可以在四个月内以全日制双向培训方式学习和掌握实用的商业机构结构和运作基础知识,办公室应用软件Office Word, Excel,Gmail 应用软件知识与操作技能, SQL 电脑会计软件知识与操作技能,英语沟通技能, 个人履历表书写和求职面试技能,参与3个月职场实习生计划以及考取SQL认证电脑商业行政与会计证书资格。 

The course is conducted by a group of instructors with Master in Business Administration, Bachelor in Information Technology academic qualifications, SQL accounting software and Ministry of Human Resource JPK Certified Vocational Trainer professional qualification with more than 20 years of business operations management  hands-on working experience.

导师阵容包括拥有工商管理硕士,资讯工艺学士学术资格,SQL Account电脑会计软件培训师,大马人力资源部注册技职培训师专业资格,以及二十多年电脑资讯科技公司运作管理实战工作经验的培训师。

Programme Components 课程大纲

Office Information Technology

Learn how to operate Windows 7 operating system, File management, Keyboard Typing skills, Office Word word-processing software, create/save/edit/format/print document, how to operate Office Excel spreadsheet software, create/save/edit/format/print/charts/graphs, report and formulas, how to use Outlook & Gmail software to compose/send/receive email and attachments.


学习如何操作Windows 7作业系统,File管理, 键盘打字技能,使用Office Word文书处理软件制作/储存/编辑/格式/打印电子文件,使用Office Excel试算表软件制作/储存/编辑/输入方程式/打印电子報表和图表,使用Office Outlook & Gmail 电邮软件制作/发送/打印电子邮件和附件。


Practical Computerised Bookkeeping & Accounting

Understand the fundamental knowledge of Business Book-keeping, Business Accounting, Accounting Formula, Asset, Capital, Liabilities, Stock, Expense, Income, Capital, Double Entry System, Cash and Credit Sales process, Cash and Credit Purchase process, and learn to use SQL Account software system to process Sales invoice, Purchase Invoice, Credit Note, Debit Note, Supplier/Customer Statement, Supplier Due Payment Report, Customer Due Collection Report, Payment Voucher and Official Receipt documents. 


了解什么是商业簿记,商业会计,Asset=Capital+ Liability会计方程式, Asset, Capital, Liabilities, Stock, Expense, Income, Capital, Double entry system, Cash and Credit Sales Process, Cash and Credit Purchase Process基础知识,学习使用SQL电脑商业软件处理Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Credit Note, Debit Note, Supplier & Customer Statement, Supplier Due Payment Report, Customer Due Collection Report, Payment Voucher 和 Official Receipt文件。


Practical English Conversation and Business Administration

Learn the general English listening and speaking skills like how to make an introduction,use basic greetings, discuss what to do at the weekend, agree/disagree with others, ask for and provide personal information, make simple purchases or order a meal, make and respond to invitations, suggestions and apologies, and share personal background/hobbies with friends, Understand the purpose of a business organisation, the type and structure of a business organisation, the function of basic business units, the type of information created and needed by business units during the daily business operations process.




Job Application and Interview Skills

Learn how to find job vacancies from a local newspaper and online recruitment website, how to create a job seeker profile and make online new job notification function, how to write a successful job application letter and personal resume, how to introduce yourself, pre-interview preparation, how to communicate effectively in a job interview, and understand the Malaysia Employment Act and Employee rights。



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